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Logo & Accolade Licensing
What Investor’s Business Daily says about your company matters! Including the Investor’s Business Daily Best HSAs 2017 logo and accolade in your advertising and marketing literature, sales material, corporate reports and proposals, corporate stationary, newsletters or Website, significantly enhances your message and lends valuable credibility to your company and services. PARS is authorized to license proper use of excerpts, quotes and logos in accordance with industry and IBD guidelines quickly and cost effectively.

Custom Reprints, E-prints & Display Products
Professional article Reprints or E-prints are high-quality printed or electronic reproductions of your original editorial coverage boasting your IBD Best HSAs 2017 honor.  Custom Display Products include plaques, posters, framed prints and desktop trophies highlighting your win and are perfect for your company’s high traffic areas and private offices. PARS’ expert team will work with you to create the perfect design and layout that best meets your budget, goals and needs – while keeping within the guidelines set forth by IBD.